Hidroelectrica has signed the contract for the modernization of the 110 kW transformation stations CHE Malaia, CHE Călimăneşti, CHE Ioneşti, CHE Zavideni CHE Drăgăşani, belonging to Râmnicu Vâlcea Hydropower Branch. The works, awarded at the amount of 4,416,846 lei, will be financed from Hidroelectrica’s own sources and are covered in the company’s budget under the chapter “Investments made on existing tangible assets”, according to a release released by energynomics.ro.  


The turn-key contract provides for the development of complex works: the replacement of the primary equipment from the stations (voltage transformers, switches, separators, dischargers etc.) by the provider in accordance with the current scheme, modification and replacement of all secondary equipment, rehabilitating and partially replacing the earthing facility and the lightning plant, as well as rehabilitating the station frames, ropes and poles.


The works will be carried out by Prelchim SRL, from Vâlcea County, in two stages: designing and preparing the execution of the modernization services in maximum 6 months, followed by the actual execution stage of the repairs and modernization of the stations.


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“CHA Mălaia, CHE Călimăneşti CHE Ioneşti, CHE Zavideni and CHE Drăgăşani CHE stations are in operation for 35 years and the equipment is physically and morally outdated. By completing modernization work, we will have a new lifecycle of at least 30 years for these installations. We view 110 kW hydro power plants in Râmnicu Vâlcea as an integrated unit energy system. We want the equipments mounted to be identical so that they can be easily operated by specialists with minimal operating costs and easy maintenance. We are very interested in everything that means uniformity and optimization, and we want this policy to be widely applied. In this case, uniformization also allows for interoperability, interchangeability of equipment, as well as unitary integration into the SCADA system”, says Bogdan Badea, President of the Hidroelectrica Directorate.




The winning bidder undertakes to contract to upgrade the stations within no more than 12 months and with a maximum immobilisation rate of eight days / station. The tender procedure led Hidroelectrica to a saving of over 580,000 lei compared to the initially estimated 4,998,020 lei.




13.05.2018 · ROMANIA