Romania’s electricity consumption decreased in the first five months of 2017 by 1,9%, over the same period in 2016, at 22,92 terawatt hours (TWh), amid the decrease of demand in all sectors, according to data released on Wednesday by the National Institute of Statistics (INS). After the first four months of this year, there was a 3% decrease in electricity consumption.

The official statistics show that between January and May, the companies, the local authorities and the population have reduced their electricity consumption. “The final electricity consumption in this period was 22.920,4 million kWh, 1,9% lower than the corresponding period of 2016; the public lighting registered a decrease of 7,3% and the population consumption decreased by 0,7% “, it is shown in the INS release.

The electricity demand from companies decreased by 2,2% at 17,59 TWh. The electricity consumption of the population decreased by 0,7% at 5,08 TWh in the first four months, and the public lighting consumption decreased by 7,3% at 0,25 TWh.

In contrast, Romania’s electricity exports increased by 8,1% compared to the first five months of 2016, at 3,3 TWh, according to The electricity production was 27,59 TWh between January and May, up 1,6% compared to the first five months of last year, out of which 12,1 TWh in classical thermal power plants, 6,78 TWh in hydro power stations, 4,56 TWh in the Cernavoda nuclear power plant and 3,4 TWh in wind farms.

In 2016, Romania’s electricity consumption increased by 4,2% compared to 2015, at 54,84 terawatt hours (TWh). Romania’s electricity exports decreased by 18,2% last year at 8,59 TWh. The electricity production was 66,12 TWh in 2016, up 0,7% from 2015.



15.07.2017 · ROMANIA