Being only for a month as head of Nuclearelectrica, General Manager Cosmin Ghiţă held a press conference to expose his vision of the company’s priorities.

The first on the list was and remains the refurbishment of Unit 1 in Cernavoda, said Ghiţă, a process that has just entered in the first phase of execution, including the completion of the support documentation necessary to prepare the feasibility study. The refurbishment of Unit 1 is one of the largest investment projects in the Romanian energy industry, which will provide an additional 30 years of operation and production, at less than half of the cost of a new CANDU nuclear power plant.

The second most urgent issue, in the opinion of Cosmin Ghita, is to identify the optimal strategy for Nuclearelectrica to ensure constant and affordable access to the raw materials. General Manager Cosmin Ghiţă proposed that by the end of this year – which coincides with the end of his temporary 4-month mandate – he could bring to the attention of the General Meeting of Shareholders the conclusions of an independent study based on which the shareholders will decide the direction to follow, so Nuclearelectrica will balance fuel safety with economic efficiency and the strategic role it can play in the value chain of the Romanian nuclear industry.

The human resources policy is a third point of interest for Nuclearelectrica’s leadership, mainly the retention of world-class experts already in the team, as well as the attraction of young engineers to train them according to their specific needs.

Finally, Cosmin Ghiţă also referred to a strategic direction that he considers of utmost importance to the company: the diversification of the revenue sources for Nuclearelectrica, especially in view of the period when the unit 1 will be stopped for refurbishment, most probably in the period of December 2026-December 2028.

First of all, Cosmin Ghiţă stressed out, the zero priority is and will always be the security of operation, and for this the company is counting on a team of top quality specialists. Nuclearelectrica is certified to the highest international standards and Romania’s acceptance in the structures of the Nuclear Energy Agency of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is a test of the human and institutional quality of the Romanian nuclear industry, said Ghiţă.

The Ministry of Energy started on August 10th the procedures for selecting a specialized recruitment company for the future members of Nuclearelectrica’s Board of Directors, in accordance with the provisions of Government Emergency Ordinance 109/2011 regarding the Corporate Governance of Public Enterprises. Once installed, the future CA will appoint a new executive management; Cosmin Ghiţă said that he will run for a full term mandate as General Manager of Nuclearelectrica.



08.10.2017 · ROMANIA