Turkish wind energy sector, supported through Turkish Renewable Energy Resource Zone Project, offers investor confidence

The wind energy sector is eyeing Turkey’s large wind energy projects with the possibility of making more investments particularly in the manufacturing field, Wind Europe CEO said on Wednesday.

During the 6th Turkish Wind Energy Congress in Ankara, Giles Dickson, in an exclusive interview with Anadolu Agency, spoke on the newly established Turkish Renewable Energy Resource Zone Project (YEKA) and its effects on the small and large-scale wind energy projects.

The offered price of $3.48 per kilowatt-hour of electricity production in Turkey's first 1,000-megawatt wind tender on Thursday, Aug. 3, broke a record in Turkey as the lowest cost of electricity per hour accepted from wind power generation, surpassing the previous record of $10.30 per kilowatt-hour.

A Siemens Gamesa - Turkerler - Kalyon consortium won the first 1,000-megawatt wind tender offered by YEKA.

Dickson explained that the sector is offered investor confidence through the Turkish government's strategy to boost wind energy in the country through YEKA , of which auctions will take place regularly up to 2030.

He added that industry representatives can clearly see the investment potential and will be willing to invest in factories.

“Turkey’s wind energy sector is looking positive at the moment. You had 1.6 gigawatts of new installations last year, and 1.7 gigawatts offered via auctions already this year. YEKA and the Turkish Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism (YEKDEM) models are excellent,” he said.

He underlined that the most effective way to attract further investments to Turkey is through transparency and by promoting the auction system.

- Supply chain in wind industry to grow

In response to criticism that the YEKA project would only benefit big companies and disfavor small clean energy companies, Dickson asserted that a very large number of small companies need to contribute in the supply chain as in the case when Siemens Gamesa along with two other Turkish partners won a one-gigawatt wind project. He explained that Siemens' investment in a nacelle-manufacturing factory would benefit both small and medium size companies in Turkey.

By Gulsen Cagatay

Anadolu Agency


05.11.2017 · TURKEY