Transgaz, the natural gas Transmission System Operator in Romania, signed three contracts for 479 kilometers of the BRUA pipeline, Phase 1, from Podişor (Constanţa county), to Recaş (Timiş county). The value of the contracts, according to the SEAP participation announcement, is 1.28 billion lei, excluding VAT.

The works were divided into three lots, so three contracts were signed. For two lots, the auction was won by consortia led by Austrian Habau PPS Pipeline Systems, and for a lot, it was won by a consortium led by INSPET SA, based in Ploiesti. In one of the associations led by Habau PPS Pipeline, INSPET is also associated. Both companies also carried out important works for Transgaz, in the past, such as the Giurgiu-Ruse gas interconnector or the Iasi-Ungheni gas pipeline.

In addition to the consortium leaders and the eight associated companies (Antrepriza Montaj Instalaţii SA, Argenta SA, Comesad RO SA, IPM-Partners România SA, IRGC Impex SRL, Moldocor SA, Petroconst SA, Rominsta SRL), at least 17 other subcontracting companies will attend the works (Bat Mediaş SA, Comesad Drumuri SRL, Comesad Energo SRL, D&M General Construct SRL, Dextra A.M.T. Instal SRL, Drill Job SRL, Elcas Prodimpex SRL, Gazpet Instal SRL, Invest General Construct SEL, LMR Drilling GmbH, Optotel Com SRL, Rapid Complex SRL, Revicond Canalteh SRL, Revivo SRL, Roconsult Tech SRL, Technocer SRL, TIAB SA).

The BRUA project is being developed in the context of diversifying European gas supplies, increasing the security of Romania’s natural gas supply through access to new sources, and facilitating access to the Caspian region’s natural gas resources in Central and South-Eastern Europe. The project will ensure: on the direction of Bulgaria – a transport capacity in both directions of 1.5 bln cubic meters/year and, in the direction of Hungary – a transport capacity of 1.75 bln cubic meters/year in Phase I, and 4.4 bln. cubic meters/year, in phase II. Currently, Transgaz is in the process of implementing the first phase of the project, for which it benefits from an European Union financial support of 180 million euros worth.




03.12.2017 · ROMANIA