Moldovan President Igor Dodon, during a working visit to Russia on Tuesday, addressed Alexey Miller, Chairman of Gazprom Management Committee, with a request to give Chisinau a 10-15% discount on gas, he said on Facebook, according to TASS.

According to Moldova’s leader, this “will further reduce gas tariffs for final customers”

“I asked Head of Gazprom Alexey Miller to give Moldova a 10-15% gas discount (as for the Eurasian Union – EAEU countries).

Gas process for Moldova in recent years has decreased more than twice. Accordingly, it is necessary to reduce the price of gas for the final customer,” Dodon wrote.

According to him, this “will further reduce gas tariffs for final customers” and “will give a chain reaction to the reduction of price of all goods and services.

As the president notes, the gas price for Moldova is based in a special formula, in accordance with which Moldova is paying about $175 per 1,000 c m of gas, while some years ago it was paying about $400. Despite the fact that the gas price decreased more than twice in recent years, the population pays about $380 per 1,000 c m. “It is necessary to cut the gas price for the ultimate customer,” stresses Dodon, according to


Moldova has applied for an observer status in the EAEU, and it was proved by all the members. That is why Dodon decided to apply to the Gazprom CEO asking for a discount.

31.12.2017 · MOLDOVA