The Ministry of Energy and Fondul Proprietatea are proposing for Hidroelectrica’s Supervisory Board, to a large extent, the current provisional members of the Board, whose mandate expires on January 18, 2018, according to company documents.

A meeting of Hidroelectrica shareholders will take place on 9 January, with the revocation of interim members of the Supervisory Board and the appointment of new provisional members on the agenda.

But both the Ministry of Energy and Fondul Proprietatea, the two shareholders, propose the same people. Gabriel Andronache, Andreea Negru, Andreea Lambru, Karoly Borbely, Liviu Nistoran and Laurentiu Dan Tudor are on the list of the Ministry of Energy, and Oana Truţă is the proposal of Fondul Proprietatea, according to Agerpres.


They will only have a provisional term of four months, as they have had before. Their remuneration will be twice the average of the monthly average gross monthly earnings for the past 12 months for the work carried out according to the classification prior to the appointment.


The Ministry of Energy is the main shareholder of the energy producer, with a 80% stake, while Fondul Proprietatea holds 20%.

08.01.2018 · ROMANIA