Electricity and Gas supplier Tinmar Energy, a division of Tinmar Group, a holding owned by Augustin Oancea, is starting to expand its domestic consumer market in April, targeting a one million customers portfolio over the next three years or over 10% of the market.

Since April, Tinmar Energy, a supplier of electricity and natural gas across the country, with a national network, resumes expansion, relying on green energy and complementary services. Tinmar is already present on the energy supply market for the industrial segment since 2007, with a market share of about 5%. The company’s portfolio includes 1,400 customers with over 9,000 delivery points.

 “We have assumed this position as a challenger in the category, because we want to focus not only our communication, but our whole business on being relevant to people’s lives. We want to change the paradigm and make people re-evaluate their relationship with utility providers”, says Carla Parnică, Corporate Communication Manager, Tinmar Energy.


Tinmar Energy proposes three power service packages (standard, silver, gold) and two for gas (gas and special gas). The prices are guaranteed for one year from the moment the contract is concluded.


The Tinmar Group announced at the end of 2016 that it plans to enter the households market for energy and gas supply in 2017 in the context of the market liberalization from 1 January 2018 and 1 January 2020 respectively. It postponed its plans because of the turbulences on the electricity market, at the beginning of last year, caused by higher energy prices on the spot market, amid falling temperatures, according to Forbes.

07.04.2018 · ROMANIA