After one week of stagnation, the upward trend in gasoline prices continues, with an average price increase of 0.92%, the 9th out of the past 11 weeks, for OMV Petrom’s car fuels. Since January 7, gasoline price has increased by 8.55% on average in the eight stations monitored by, reaching the highest level of the year in each city. Once again this week, the price increases are homogeneous, with variations of 0.92% or 0.92% for gasolines sold in each city monitored by Constanţa continues to have the lowest price for gasoline (5.36 lei/liter) among the eight monitored cities.

The highest prices for gasoline are to be found in Braşov and Craiova (5.5 lei/liter), and in Bucharest (5.49 lei/liter).

For diesel, in 6 of the eight monitored cities, prices fell slightly, by 0.17%; it was the first week of the year when the diesel sold by OMV Petrom fell in Bucharest, Iasi, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Craiova and Oradea. On the other hand, the price climbed once again (by 0.35%) in Constanta, which remains, however, the cheapest city among those monitored by, with 5.67 lei per liter of diesel. On average, diesel prices grew by 8.9% in 2019.

In the past week, the leu strengthened significantly against the dollar (0.92%) and lost ground to the euro (-0.24%). However, since the beginning of the year, the leu lost 2.79% against the dollar, according to the NBR exchange rate (over 11 bani) and 1.9% against the euro (almost 10 bani).

Oil prices continued to rise on international markets in the past week, with a strong advance for WTI – 4.5% (over $59 a barrel today, at 2019’ peaks) and by 1.56% in case of Brent ($ 67.7 per barrel, today, also near the highest levels in 2019). Since the end of last year, WTI crude oil has risen by nearly 31%, while Brent has risen by over 27%.

In 2019, will monitor the evolution of prices for gasoline and diesel sold at Petrom stations in eight major cities in Romania: Bucharest, Iasi, Timisoara, Cluj-Napoca, Brasov, Oradea, Constanta and Craiova.

The data source is the Petrom website and the stations we monitor are:

§  Bucharest 3A, Tudor Arghezi Str., District 2, 20941

§  Iasi 64-66, Sf. Lazar Str. 700049

§  Timisoara 1, Miresei Str., 300642

§  Cluj-Napoca 257, Cluj-Napoca – Turda Road, 400495

§  Brasov 1, Temeliei Str., 500271

§  Constanţa 315, Tomis Bvd., 900497

§  Craiova 2A, Stefan cel Mare Str., 200130

§  Oradea 4, Mihail Kogalniceanu Str., 410067

25.03.2019 · ROMANIA