There are countless ways to save energy, with a direct impact on the pocket and implicitly on the environment, says Engie Romania CEO, Eric Stab.

 “There are a lot of things that can be done today in a big city. What would it be like to carry out an energy consumption audit, so that we can figure out what and how much is wasted? Look at how many roofs you see from my office window. Solar installations could be installed on many, so as to help the city reduce its consumption and pollution. In most cases, you know, the solutions can lead to an economy of 25-30%”, says Stab, quoted by

“We believe that gas will be the fuel that will accompany us in the transition to green energy generation solutions, based on renewable resources. So gas is still in high demand by consumers. Last year, in 2018, half of the energy we sold on the market came from green sources. Much of this is hydro, because, as you know, Romania is a big hydro energy producer. Also, some of the energy came from the wind farms, because as you know, we have two big wind farms, in Galați and Brăila. The energy produced there goes to our final consumers. So, last year, almost half, to be exact – 49% of energy – came from green sources. Last year, we sold more green energy in percent of the total, than Romania did, as a percentage, of its entire production,” Stab said.

17.08.2019 · ROMANIA